Managing Mindset with my Favorite Podcast

When I run errands, I love connecting my phone to Bluetooth in my #swaggerwagon and rocking out to some... business podcasts. Ha! I know, it doesn't sound super cool, but whatevs. I know what I like and that happens to be "continuous improvement." I figure there is never anything wrong with learning something new... but listening to the same top 40 songs over and over. Ugh. No thanks!

Anyway, one of my absolute favorite podcasts is Tara Swiger's Explore Your Enthusiasm. I've been a very regular listener since the end of last summer when I had yet another identity/existential crisis. Well, basically a panic where I had a string of rained-out art shows and frustrating resulting sales numbers. I turned to books, podcasts, articles, support networks, etc. for advice. I am SO glad I did! 

Today, I listened to Tara's podcast on what she's learned in the past year, an annual birthday recap, if you will. Honestly, even though I intently listened to the whole thing start to finish, with little distractions, I can only remember one big takeaway:

Your mindset will dictate your success. 

I know this seems simple, after all, we hear it all the time. Just like the Little Engine That Could (I Think I Can. I Think I Can), it's all about telling yourself you are just as capable as anyone else to make your goals a reality. If you have a positive mindset, you will take the actions necessary to progress toward your goal. If you have a negative mindset, you will avoid taking those crucial actions and potentially abandon your goal altogether. 

There have been countless times that I told myself how frustrated, directionless, and lackluster I was, but that never got me anywhere. My best weeks have always been when I shared my talent with others with no hesitation or care about what others may think. When I do crazy things, like cold call giant successful companies and tell them about myself and my products, I get pumped up. Then I do it again... and again... and pretty soon, I am caught up in a positive vibes avalanche. That has been the result of this week and it feels good. 


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